Dream To Realize

Plant Medicine + Earth Magic For Embodiment + Sovereignty

Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive dream life strategist and creativity coach.   She works with artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and conscious minded organizations to make their dreams come true. As an experienced multi-media producer, big picture thinker, and natural collaborator, Lisa helps empower people just like you to be the best and most fully expressed version of themselves in all areas of their lives. 


 About Flower Essences  

Flower essences are energetic remedies derived from living flowers that work with your energetic body to help harmonize the system, resolve and release repetitive thought patterns, limiting beliefs, woundings, and traumas. They uniquely address the emotional and mental aspect of wellness.

Flower essences can help move trapped emotions or unprocessed life experiences from the subconscious to the conscious mind, where we can begin to process, sort, reflect upon and release these old energetic patterns.

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls
— Dr. Bach, Free Thyself

Flower essences are a way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants and a beautiful way to work with Gaia herself on your healing journey.  The wisdom innate in nature is unprecedented and a part of our collective  healing is to reconnect to this sacred relationship. 

Working with flower essences speeds up whatever you are currently working through. Nature is open to collaborating with us on healing and eager to meet our acquaintance and be of assistance. 

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Flower Essence Therapy  

Sessions occur either in person, by phone or Skype. As the practitioner I will hold a sacred container for deep healing and transformation that is facilitated by the innate  intelligence of the plant medicine. During our  sessions we will pull into consciousness anything you wish to be transformed, plant devas will step forward and join in communion as healing allies on your journey of self discovery and wellness.  You will receive a personalized flower essence remedy with a formulation of 4-7 flower essence either in the mail or in person directly after your session. 

Flower essences are  liquid elixirs made using the living plant, sunlight infusion in water and a small amount of brandy is used to preserve the formula. All essences are distributed in a small dropper bottle that can be taken under the tongue with intention throughout the day until the remedy is complete.

The effects of flower essences vary from person to person, the flowers will tune into your energy and work accordingly. Some report immediate and profound results while others sense subtle shifts in well-being and emotional states. 

Flower Essence Therapy requires a commitment of three months for new clients. We will use the flower essences to strengthen the whole system using the chakra system as our guide and begin at the root and move our way through this system energetically. This is to ensure a solid foundation to go into deep healing and transformationThis creates a strong foundation for profound shifts. Returning clients can book single sessions or another 3 month package to continue the healing journey at any point.