Dream To Realize

Plant Medicine + Earth Magic For Embodiment + Sovereignty

Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive dream life strategist and creativity coach.   She works with artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and conscious minded organizations to make their dreams come true. As an experienced multi-media producer, big picture thinker, and natural collaborator, Lisa helps empower people just like you to be the best and most fully expressed version of themselves in all areas of their lives. 

Welcome Freedom Seekers! 

I imagine you find yourself here because you are looking for more. You know deep inside your heart that there is more of yourself to discover. You want to find freedom, freedom from living a life filled with other peoples agendas, desires, beliefs systems and ways of being. 

I would be honored to assist in freeing your soul from the constraints of societal expectations, obligations and the running scripts of the "should-of's" and "supposed-to's". I would love to help you reconnect with the wisdom of the earth and helping spirits that are cheering on your liberation with deep knowing that your unique magic is a necessity to our current eco-system. 

"I am here in service of telling a new collective story". 

I believe we all come into the world knowing who we are and where we are going, although sometimes due to the externally focused world we currently live in, societal pressures and expectations our vision can become clouded, we loose our passion and feel resigned to a life of obligation. All is not lost, we can find our way again easily with focus and intention. 

I work in the realm of dreams to uncover authentic visions and dissolve barriers,  limitations, and ingrained societal expectations. All sessions are a blend of earth wisdom, sacred council with loving and helping spirits, self love practices and plant medicine in effort to retrieve the dream of the soul and tap into whispers of the heart. 

I love to play on Instagram. Join me @dreamtorealize or through link below.